For-Ever Green lawn care has been in business since 1995. In that time we have maintained our focus on customer relationships & quality service. 90% of our customers have been with us between 5 to 13 years. With competitive pricing, reliable service and a personal dedication to our clients, we would be honored to have the opportunity to be your lawn care provider.

Our Services

Lawn Care

For-ever Green Law Care would like to invite you to join the many satisfied customers we service. We will create and maintain a professional turf care program for you. We have four different lawn programs to choose from. You can pick one that meets your expectations or customize one. Being…

Soil testing

A soil test can be a very valuable tool when developing a turf grass fertility program. The ability of a soil to hold and supply nutrients to a plant is dependent on the amount of clay and, to some degree, the amount of organic matter it contains. Both clay particles…

Azaleas Fertilizing

Most Azaleas varieties are evergreen and bloom for 4-6 weeks every spring. They have the hardiest root system of any evergreen broadleaf shrub. Azaleas need as much shade as possible to protect them from sun. The north or east side of house is ideal. After planting a thoroughly watering and…


Fungicides include both organic and inorganic compounds with the capacity to control pathogenic fungi. Some are absorbed by plants, while other remain as surface residues on plant foliage: Applied prior to anticipated disease incidences, many fungicides can often prevent further disease development and promote recovery of the turf. The two…

Tall Fescue Seeding or Sodding

Tall Fescue is cool season grass which grows best in semi-shade areas. It is sometimes called a shade grass because of its ability to tolerate areas where Bermuda and zoysia grasses will not grow due to a lack of sunlight. Even fescue needs some direct sun for best results though,…

Liquid Aeration

Ever since man first discovered that he could farm the land, he has “aerated” the soil in order to maximize crop yield and perpetuate the health of the land. But what about lawns? Once you’ve installed a lawn are you going to dig it up in the spring to allow…

Trees & Shrubs

Round one is Dormant Oils. Dormant Oils are used to control many pests that live through the winter on the bubs twigs, and trunks of trees and other woody plants. These oils are applied when temperatures are above freezing just before bud break for greatest effect Dormant oils treatments physically…

Pest Control

We can treat for many pests on the lawn & around your house. Such services are Flea and Tick Control, Grub Control and Perimeter Pest Control. The following information might help knowing alittle about condition in which help insect live. Insect and mite damage to turf is often mistaken for…

Latest News

Tips for November

Posted on March 18, 14

Mow Fescue as needed at 2 inches and water during dry conditions. Keep falling leaves off fescue to avoid damage to the foliage. Prune...

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Tips for May

Posted on March 18, 14

Mowing has started so go ahead and dethatch lawn.

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Tip for April thru August

Posted on March 18, 14

Yellow Nutsedge and purple Nutsedge are the two most common sedge species. Sedges are perennial grassy weeds that are common pests in turf, and...

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Tips for April

Posted on March 18, 14

Start Fertilization on lawn. Fertilizer Azalea after its first blooms.

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