Soil testing

A soil test can be a very valuable tool when developing a turf grass fertility program. The ability of a soil to hold and supply nutrients to a plant is dependent on the amount of clay and, to some degree, the amount of organic matter it contains. Both clay particles and organic matter have a negative charge. Since most plant nutrients have a positive charge, the nutrients are held to their surface for future use by the turf grass plant. Soils very high in sand content do not hold many nutrients so fertilizer programs are more critical, while other turf areas grown in soils containing moderate amounts of clay can go four to six weeks between fertilizer applications a soil test should come from the turf grass plants root zone. In most cases, this is just a few inches deep and should represent a fairly uniform area.

For only $25 we will take a soil sample and send it off to be tested. When the soil test comes back we will discuss what needs to be doen to fix the soil pH.

Lime or Sulpher will correct soil pH problems. It takes one 50 pound bag of lime per 1,000 square feet to adjust soil pH. This treatment can be applied at anytime, however Fall and Winter are ideal.