Tall Fescue Seeding or Sodding

Tall Fescue is cool season grass which grows best in semi-shade areas. It is sometimes called a shade grass because of its ability to tolerate areas where Bermuda and zoysia grasses will not grow due to a lack of sunlight. Even fescue needs some direct sun for best results though, and tends to thin out during the summer in dense shade. If you have bare areas where Bermuda and zoysia will not grow, tall fescue is usually your best choice. Consider trimming trees, especially the lower branches, to allow more filtered sunlight to reach your turf if you have dense shade.

Fescue will also perform well in full sun, contrary to popular opinion. Extra watering is needed, especially during the summer. And with poor soil condition such as rocky, clay or heavy sand, it compounds the watering problem for fescue lawns. With an irrigation system you should be able to grow tall fescue just fine in full sun.

We begin our seeding or sodding in early September and continue until mid-October.
Please call our office to have me come out to give you a price.