Trees & Shrubs

Round one is Dormant Oils.

Dormant Oils are used to control many pests that live through the winter on the bubs twigs, and trunks of trees and other woody plants. These oils are applied when temperatures are above freezing just before bud break for greatest effect Dormant oils treatments physically injure the insect adults, nymphs or eggs which are over wintering on the tree when the oils is applied. Dormant oils are environmentally safe.

Rounds two thru six are preventive insecticides.

Successful control of insect pests is dependent on correct placement of the properly selected and prepared pesticide on the infested or susceptible parts of the tree. We accomplished this with good spraying or injecting equipment and techniques.

Round seven is deep root fertilization.

Fertilizer application is an important part of any successful tree maintenance program.
The objectives of tree fertilization are fourfold

1. To increase the size of small trees as rapidly as possible
2. To maintain the healthy appearance and vigor of mature trees
3. To rescue declining trees and
4. To cure specific nutrient deficiencies.